Concrete Pumping

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    36Z Meter Putzmeister

    Vertical Reach: 116' 10" (35.60m)

    Horizontal Reach: 103' 0" (31.40m)

    Reach from front of truck: 94' 10" (28.90m)

    Boom Style: Z-Fold

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    "Pump It... Don't Dump It"

    Pumping reduces that chance of honeycomb in the final product, and allows us here at Solid Foundations to focus more on the details of each job to make sure everything is accounted for.

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    Why Pump?

    1. Reduces your time on the job.

    2. Easier wall placement in hard to reach areas.

    3. Better looking walls due to speed of placement.

    4. Flatwork concrete is placed exactly where it is needed.