Solid Foundations, Inc. can provide the required equipment to do all prep and site work for regular flatwork or move several thousand cubic yards of dirt for a new foundation. Our trucks haul stone, dirt and asphalt. Plus, our three excavators, bulldozer and skid steer can handle your backfilling and grading needs quickly and efficiently. No matter what the site calls for we ensure that we will do “Whatever It Takes” to get the site prepared and ready for concrete.

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    1. John Deere 200c Hydrolic Excavator
    2. Yanmar 35 Mini Excavator
    3. John Deere 550 Bulldozer
    4. Mustang Skid Steer
    5. 2 Dump Trucks
    6. 2 Multi Cat Stone Slingers

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    Backfilling & Grading

    Along with your site preparation and new excavation, Solid Foundations, Inc. can also meet your backfilling and grading needs. Grading is a breeze with our top of the line equipment and expert operators.

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    Solid Foundations, Inc. can dig all of your utility ditches and install the needed underground utility lines. These include but are not limited to electrical trenching, underground down-spout tile, run-off tile, natural drains, French drains, sewer and water lines.