Design & Layout

Upon confirmation of a job, an experienced CAD technician will collect job details and pit them on a color coded print. This is then checked and approved before the job begins. The color coding enables crews to easily see all detains such as beam pockets sizes and locations, door openings, window locations, etc. This enables a high level of consistency and accuracy by the crews.

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    Once the drawings are complete they are approved by the customer. Then they are downloaded into our "Total Station" lay-out machine. An experienced lay-out technician sets up the machine and places the foundation on the lot per plot plan or customer's preference. Once the job is laid out, footers and walls can also be set up in the precise location.

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    Auto Crete

    Auto Crete is our Computer Aided Design (CAD) software program used for creating drawings specifically designed for the concrete industry. These drawing include but are not limited to foundation plans, concrete forming layouts, Total Station layout points, instant concrete take-offs and much more.

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    Total Station Layout Machine

    Our Trimble Total Station incorporates the points and layouts generated through Auto Crete to enable our staff to layout excavation, footers, walls and flatwork. Trimble has created unique positioning products for over 34 years and can be found in over 141 countries around the world.