Poured Walls

Poured walls have been the main focus of the business at Solid Foundations, Inc. since 1990. Walls are formed with the vertex brick or smooth panels. Diagonals are checked and walls are straightened and checked for plumbness. All walls are either vibrated or hand pumped for aesthetics.

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    Footers and pads are formed. Grade is checked for accuracy. The placement of the footers is determined by the total station technician. Levelness of the footer is checked, double checked, poured and then checked again for +-1/4" accuracy.

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    Wall Crew

    Our crew is what separates us from the rest. Our crew will treat each wall like it is their own and make sure that the project is exactly how the home owner specifies. We will accommodate each and every specification. We have great leadership and experience to get each project done in a timely manner.

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    "Pump It... Don't Dump It"

    We have a great 36Z Meter Putzmeister Pump Truck that will assure that your walls will look great! This truck has great control and allows us to take the extra time to make sure every detail is in place.